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आमिर खानको 'सत्यमेव जयते' त धेरैले हेर्नुभको थ्यो होला, त्यसको भारतीय मेडिकल क्षेत्र सम्बन्धी एपिसोड पनि हेर्नुभएकै थ्यो होला। नेपालको स्वास्थ्य अवस्था पनि झन्डझन्डै उस्तै छ, वा भविष्यमा उस्तै होला। तर जसरी मिडियाले 'धेरै बेलामा पूरा सत्य बोल्दैन' भनेजस्तै उक्त कार्यक्रम हेरेर मात्रै मेडिकल क्षेत्र बारे अनुमान लगाउनु गलत हुन जान्छ। उक्त कार्यक्रमपछी आमिर खानलाई लेखिएको एउटा खुला पत्र। यो पत्र डा. शारदा जैन को फेसबुक पेजबाट लिईएको हो। 

A letter to an Ignorant Perfectionist

Dear Mr.Aamir Khan,

I have been trying hard but cannot get over the fact that you can 'sell' ignorance with such ease and honour. Though I agree to 'parts' of your show, Lets first get the facts right.

1) You said patients on dialysis live upto 15-20 years. 
Fact - The 5-year survival rate of patients on dialysis is about 25-30 % (less than many cancers). Renal transplant remains the best available treatment option for chronic kidney disease. (I hope you take responsibility for people who after watching your show plan to not go for kidney transplant and die in less than 5 years)

2) An overenthusiastic girl from the audience said that her father was forced for an emergency liver transplant '6-7 years' ago for gastroenteritis. 
Fact- Even today there are 'a handful' of hospitals in India offering liver transplants. To think that 6-7 years ago, just a gastroenteritis patient was offered liver transplant is not only improbable but technically impossible.

3) A diabetic patient blamed a doctor for losing a toe. 
Fact- Lakhs of diabetic patients per year lose entire limbs due to diabetic foot (cellulitis and gangrene). Doctors go about step wise cutting off toes, then foot, even the leg upto above knee level in order to save as much limb as possible. The patient in your show might still be able to walk just because of the timely action taken by the surgeon.

Mr. Aamir Khan i am not getting back at you because i took your show personally. Yes, I agree that there are doctors indulging in shameful malpractices and even i know a few of them. But i can proudly say i am surrounded by more doctors who work day and night just to ensure that their patients get the best possible treatment. The 'BAD' doctors should be punished and we all can come together to ensure we do not encourage such malpractices.

I would have appreciated if you would have thrown some light on the entrance examinations and the hard work, dedication and sacrifices a doctor needs to clear his MBBS, MD, DM etc examinations. I wish you had spent half a day in the emergency department and OPD of a Govt. Hospital and realized that the work timings, working conditions, lunch breaks, doctor:patient ratio, hours of sleep per week, living conditions in the hostel and the stipend is worse than a class 4 labourer. You would have also surprisingly realized that the 'DOCTORS' are the only 'FUNCTIONAL' part of a Govt. Hospital which still caters to thousands of patients in a day. When you compared statistics of U.K and India, why didn't you include the salaries, living standards and the doctor:patient ratio the doctors have in developed countries?

Coming to generic drugs, 
Yes, a large amount of rural population should have access to cheap generic drugs. But one should not forget the pharma companies that charge more for the drugs are the ones that spend crores of rupees for research and development of new drugs. Had there not been drug trials no new drugs would have been invented and we would have mortality rates compared to stone age. Also i agree that most doctors endorse certain brands of drugs (which i do not deny may be for some financial gains also) because they have faith in the quality of the 'active drug' of certain companies. Yes many local companies manufacture generic products (which is a copy of the original molecule discovered by the expensive company which can be used for unaffordable patients. But you did not mention that many of these generic drugs are of substandard quality and are the reason of many uncalled for deaths due to drug reactions. Most doctors would not want to take responsibility of the quality of the 'generic' drugs.

What do you mean when you say 'People of high IQ and desire to earn money should not become doctors'. Why aren't doctors allowed to have an ambition?? How can a person who earns 4 crores for an episode of a so called 'social' show decide on what should be an individual's ambition and financial status !! 
Why can there be no doctors who earn well for their professional skills and do not indulge in malpractices? 

It just reflects your hypocrisy. I would like to offer a few solutions to the problem.

a) ' BAD' doctors indulging in malpractices should be suspended for life. We need a strong regulatory authority to publish expected treatment 'protocols' and punish doctors found to be doing unethical practices.
b) Regulatory authorities should also keep a check on the quality of drugs being manufactured and at the same time 'sold' at the local chemist.
c) Govt. medical colleges and hospitals should multiply several folds, increasing the number of doctors in each department, improving the doctor:patient ratio. Doctor's salaries and living conditions should be looked after and should be comparable to other professionals.
d) Regular CME'S and licensing exams (like other countries) every 5-10 years.
e) The Govt. should spend 6-8% of GDP ON HEALTHCARE and a part of which should also be committed to the research and development of newer drugs.
f) No politician should be allowed to be associated with any private medical colleges.
g) The general public should be educated well about common diseases and the 'acceptable' qualifications of the doctors.

These are just a few points i can think of at the moment. I am sure had you bothered to have a panel discussion and find solutions in a healthy way, we could come up with a lot more viable solutions. However you chose to sensationalize your show, by hiring 'few' people with 'fake' or 'amplified' problems and shed a few tears. 

Hope you understand that your allegations like 'HAMARE DESH KE DOCTORS ITNE BIMAAR KYUN HAIN' and 'MAUT KE SAUDAGAR' are as serious as calling all actors 'Rapists' (after the shiney ahuja incident) and all Muslims 'Terrorists'. Knowing that you twisted not one but not many known medical 'facts' to strike a chord with the 'ignorant' 'naive' audience. How do you expect me to have faith in you and the stories you would project in the upcoming shows. You have betrayed a large segment of the 'classes' as well as 'masses'.

All i can say is i feel sad for the death of the 'image' you created in our minds and hearts. An unbiased Aamir who strives for nothing but the truth and the betterment of the society was after all a MYTH.

An honest Doctor.

Note:- This letter is copied from the facebook page of Dr. Sharda Jain posted in 
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डाक्टर: आज र भोली

DOCTORS SOCIETY OF NEPAL( DSON) फेसबुक ग्रुपमा 'Kiran Acharya' द्वारा लेखिएको पोस्ट। सबैमा सबै कुरा लागु नहोला तर धेरै हदसम्म सही। मनपर्‍यो र यहाँ शेयर गरेको छु।


..................जब म मेडिकल अफिसर थिएँ..........
१) रोगको बारे धेरै अनुभव हुँदैनथ्यो तर म बिरामीको DIAGNOSIS गर्न चाहन्थे।
२) बिरामीको आर्थिक अवस्था/पिडा बुज्थे र सकेसम्मको कम खर्च गरिदिन्थे।
३) ५० हजार मेरो लागि ठुलो रकम हुन्थ्यो।
४) MR ले दिएको पेन अनि कहिले काही दिने पार्टी मा पुग्दा मजा लाग्थ्यो।
५) अस्पताल घर जस्तो र क्लिनिक जेल जस्तो लाग्थ्यो।
६) CONSULTANT हरु महिनामा कति कमाउंदा रहेछन भनेर हिसाब गर्दा रमाइलो लाग्थ्यो।
७) सकेसम्म धेरै डाक्टरको संगत र राम्रो दोस्ती गर्न मन लाग्थ्यो।
८) ठुलो डाक्टर बन्ने सपना हुन्थ्यो,पैसा भन्ने केहि ठुलो लाग्दैनथ्यो।
९) मलाई LAB/ XRAY/ USG/ CT मा कमिसन पाइन्छ भन्ने थाहा नै हुन्नथ्यो।
१०) ब्यापारीलाइ घृणा गर्थे र सबैलाई आफुले जस्तो समाजसेवा गर्नुपर्छ भन्थे।

...............आज म PG पुरा गरेर CONSULTANT बनेको छु............
१) रोगको बारे धेरै अनुभव छ, तर बिरामीलाई राम्रो संग हेर्न मन/फुर्सद हुँदैन।
२) बिरामीको पिडा वा आर्थिक अवस्थासंग धेरै मतलब हुँदैन।
३) ५० हजार त मेरो लागि कुनै रकम नै होइन।
४) MR हरुसंग सिधै बार्गेनिङ गर्न सक्छु।
५) अस्पताल जेल जस्तो लग्छ, क्लिनिक घर जस्तो लाग्छ।
६) अन्य CONSULTANT हरु मैले भन्दा कति कम वा बढी कमाउछन् भनेर हिसाब गर्छु।
७) सकेसम्म अन्य डाक्टरसंग कमै संगत गर्छु।
८) अब म ठुलो डाक्टर भएँ जस्तो लाग्छ र अब काम भनेको पैसा कमाउने मात्रै हो जस्तो लाग्छ।
९) कहाँबाट कति कमिसन बाकी छ भनेर हेर्छु, नल्याए माग्न पठाउछु।
१०) ब्यापारीलाई सबैभन्दा सम्मान गर्छु र आफु पनि ब्यापारी नै हुँ जस्तो लाग्छ।

.......................हाम्रो समाज.......................

१) बाटोमा कोहि सुट टाई लगाएको मान्छे देख्यो कि- यो डाक्टर नै हो, अरु यति चट्ट परेर हिड्दैनन्।
२) कतै भब्य घर देख्यो कि -या त ब्यापारीको या त डाक्टरको घर हुनुपर्छ।
३) कतै महँगो गाडी देख्यो कि- या त ब्यापारीको या त डाक्टरको गाडी हुनुपर्छ।

.......................हाम्रो परिवार........................
१) बुवा- त्यो डाक्टर त ३०लाख हालेर DM पढ्न गएछ, त कहिले जाने होस्?
२) आमा- त्यो डाक्टर त अमेरिका घुम्न गएछ, त कहिले जाने होस्?
३) श्रीमती- यो गाडी पुरानो मोडेल भयो, नया किन्नुपर्यो।
४) छोरा- मलाई भिडिओ गेम खेल्न नया LED टिभी चाहियो।
५) छोरी- आज iphone-6 निस्केछ, मलाई किन्नुपर्यो।

......................हाम्रो आफन्तजन...................
1) हैन कति छ कमाई, ३-४ लाख त कम्तिमा होला नि।
२) हैन कता राख्छौ हो! तेत्रो धेरै पैसा??
२) तिम्रो छोरो त डाक्टर भयो, हामीलाई २-४ लाख सापट चाहियो।
३) ल तिमि नै डाक्टर छौ, मेरो अपरेसन फ्रीमा मिलाउनु पर्यो।
४) यो सहकारी/बैंक/संस्था/इन्सुरेन्स/मन्दिर/बाटो/कार्यक्रम....मा पैसा हालिदिनुपर्यो।

......................हाम्रो साथी भाई............................
१) डाक्टर भईस यार, अब त केहि टेन्सन नै छैन, अस्पतालमा सब फ्री।
२) अब डाक्टरसाथ मा हुदाँहुँदै हामीले रेस्टुराको बिल कहाँ तिर्नु नि?
३) तेरै गाडी छ नि यार, जहाँ जान परे पनि।
४) मैले बिजनेस गर्न थालें, २-४लाख पैसा लेन।

......................हाम्रो देश......................
एकाबिहानै देशको समाचार पढ्न पर्यो भनेर कान्तिपुर र नागरिक किनेर ल्यायो, फर्स्ट पेजमै येत्रो भोल्टे अक्षरमा मेन न्युज - 'डाक्टरले बिरामी तान्न दलाली, बिरामीबाटै कमिसन'

जब हाम्रो समाज, परिवार, आफन्तजन र साथीभाई सबैले डाक्टरमाथि सुट लाएर हिड्नुपर्ने, भब्य घर बनाउनुपर्ने, महंगो गाडी चढ्नुपर्ने, घरमा अथाह पैसा खर्चनुपर्ने र जसरि पनि धेरै पैसा कमाऊनै पर्ने बाध्यता पार्छन, तब हाम्रो सामु दुइवटा बाटो हुन्छन् -

१) यही लोभीपापी र भ्रस्ट समाज र आफन्तहरुको चंगुलमा फसेर आफु पनि भ्रस्ट हुदै अनैतिक काम(MALPRACTICE) गरि धेरै पैसा कमाउने वा
२) यी सबको प्रबाह नगरी, केवल पैसाको पछी नलाग्ने, कुनै पनि अनैतिक काम (MALPRACTICE ) नगरी इज्जत साथ जे जति सकिन्छ कमाउने, घरपरिवारलाई त्यस्तै बनाउने।

उत्तर- ??????

याद गरौँ, हाम्रो समाजमा अझै पनि धेरै नया र पुराना डाक्टरहरु छन्, जसको कमाई औसत एक/डेढ लाख (कसैको धेरै बढी पनि होला) छ, जसले आजसम्म कुनै एकदिन पनि MALPRACTICE गरेको छैन, तर पनि इज्जत, खुसि र सुखी भएर बाचेका छन्। सबै जना डा. गोविन्द के. सी. हुन सकिदैन, तर डाक्टरकै बेइज्जत हुने गरि अनैतिक काम नगरी प्राक्टिस गर्न सकिन्न र? डाक्टरको अनैतिक काम देशको प्रमुख समाचार पत्रको प्रमुख समाचार हुनु लज्जाजनक हैन र??

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